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For many years, the “Fix-It and List It” program has been an essential tool for success for Mark Schweller and his team at Prosper Real Estate. In fact, it has been an integral piece of the puzzle for sellers in the Bay Area who have wanted to sell their homes that needed a bit of T.L.C. before hitting the market. Learn a little bit more about the program, how to qualify and how the team at Prosper Real Estate can help you get the biggest bang for your buck this season when you decide to sell with Prosper Real Estate. 

What is the “Fix-It and List It” Program at Prosper? 

We do not speak enough about the “Fix-It and List-It” program at Prosper Real Estate! Thanks to our relationship with SIDE, Inc., we are empowered by many tools that give our small, boutique real estate agency that only sizeable real estate conglomerates are generally afforded access to. Let me explain.  

Fix-It and List-It” is a program that allows us to work with sellers to “spruce” up their homes and prepare them for market without any up-front costs. Often, homes require a little bit of T.L.C. or expensive upgrades before a seller can sell their home for top dollar in competitive markets, such as this one. Instead of having to front the costs of new carpets, a new roof, or a renovated bathroom or kitchen, qualified buyers can work with us to help organize and fund the work before we list the home for sale.

Once the home has sold, the costs to complete the “fix-its” are taken from the final sales price. The buyer gets top dollar for their home without any up-front costs, which may detract some sellers from selling and getting into the market. 

What Can You Expect If You Qualify to “Fix-It and List-It”? 

At Prosper Real Estate, we like to think that we have an excellent eye for design and knowing what a buyer might love. In fact, we know that some of us have an exceptional eye (Ask Heather Winham!). However, when it comes to the nitty-gritty, if you choose to “Fix-It and List-It, we work closely with a company called Revive.

Revive is a partner that provides us with the design expertise needed to get each unique buyer the highest return on investment. The goal is to update the home in strategic ways that invite the highest selling price and leave sellers with the most money in their pockets at the close of the transaction. Even better, buyers will feel confident that the upgraded and renovated home they purchases is worth every penny included in the sales price! It is a win-win for everyone involved.

Fix-It and List-It With Prosper – BEFORE

Fix-It and List-It With Prosper – AFTER



Fix-It and List-It With Prosper – BEFORE

How To Qualify for the “Fix-It and List It” Program 

To qualify for the “Fix-It and List-It” program, Mark recommends the following: 

  1. First, give the team at Prosper Real Estate a call! There is never any harm in reaching out to learn more about the program and what to expect. 
  2. You must be a homeowner.  
  3. Generally speaking, having about 20% equity in the home is necessary. 
  4. On average, homeowners have about five years, or more, living in their home to garner the 20% equity. 
  5. Be willing to follow the upgrades and updates as recommended by Revive and Prosper Real Estate. 

The “Fix-It and List-It” program is a powerful tool for people wanting to sell their home but are not sure their home is “sell” ready. From new roofs to new paint, the teams at Revive and Prosper Real Estate will provide the guidance and upfront costs of the updates. 

Sell Your Home With Prosper Real Estate 

Prosper Real Estate is a boutique real estate agency located in Brentwood, California that offers the intimacy and client care necessary in a residential real estate transaction with the tools and support of a $2.5 billion real estate company. It truly is the best of both worlds. This is precisely why, when you work with Prosper Real Estate, we will work with you to ensure you Prosper in California. 

Prosper Real Estate –

As the restrictions from COVID-19 continue to lift, Mark and the team at Prosper Real Estate invite you to visit the new office, located at 141 Sandcreek Way, suite D. You can meet Kevin, Mark, Heather, and the team of powerhouse agents they are building. Schedule a call by calling 925-819-1072 or by emailing

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